December 6, 2008

recent findings

I went to Marshall's a few days ago...found two pairs of sunglasses, both under $10. Top pair by Steve Madden, bottom by XOXO.

I was also looking for a pair of cut out booties this week, the ones with a big chunky (and supportive) high heel. Guess what? Found exactly what I was looking for at the clearance section. Original price was $69, I got mine for $49. I later found they were even cheaper on Maybe I should just use DSW as a place to try on shoes for fit, then purchase them online.

December 3, 2008

day & night

Day/Night by miniemuboots

I put together two outfits from clothes and accessories up on The prices are great. I may have to make another order... ;)

cowl neck sweater $12.50
grey skirt $13.80
black dress $22.80
bracelets $4-$7